Friday, November 1, 2013

Coega wind turbine

Port Elizabeth gets it's fair share of wind and that is where the Windy City tag line comes from.  Not many are big fans of wind but the wind does have its good points as well.  The first being the fact that it keeps our air clean and blows the air pollutions away.  Recently wind turbines have started to go up around the city and I'm surprised that it has taken this long for it to happen.  The first one was put up at Coega and since construction has started on wind farms at Blue Horizon Bay, Jeffrey's Bay, Cookhouse and now also Motherwell.  The one at Coega is still standing there by his lonesome self and I decided to go and have a closer look.  It is HUUUUGGGGGEEEEE, standing 95m tall with a rotor blade radius of 49m.  That's my car standing to the left of it and Damselfly and Chaos Boy is newt to invisible by the door at the base.


  1. OMW That is a massive structure close-up. I cannot even see your wife and son. I've taken photos of a wind turbine near PE, all from the back of the bike, so I don't know exactly which one I've captured. It's good to see this one! Hope you have a great weekend. All of you. Greetings Jo

  2. I do support alternative energy but wind turbines kill birds and bats.

    1. Then they should look/beepbeep where they are going. The turbines turn so slow that if they get wacked, then they are lucky to have survived that long. :-)