Friday, February 6, 2009

Loxion life 2, the

Another picture from guest photographer Bongi Magongo, taken in New Brighton. This was the venue for an open air fashion show that took place there recently (cool fashions can be seen on Bongi's facebook album). And by the way, note the pavement decorations, what is it about architects and balls? hehe


  1. The curse of phallogocentrism strikes again!

  2. Embizweni Square if I'm not mistaken.
    Have a look at the sign on the building in the back. Fish Funerals. People pay these guys to have funerals for their pet fish. LOL. Not really. Mr Fish owns the business.

    ps. I don't get the first comment

  3. @Kris, LOL!

    @ Firefly... how do I put this delicately? Long tall erect structure plus round objects.... many modern buildings have variations on this theme it seems! hehe

  4. Love the photo and keep up the good work Bongani.