Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Spotted Cow

I was in the upgraded Parliament Street last week, for a political meeting, (COPE, in case you are curious :) )which was held at the Spotted Cow. This is a really interesting place, a cocktail bar, with a sports bar attached, in what used to be a church hall. It still has the wooden vaulted ceiling and arched windows, but the interior has been modernised with a stainless steel mezzanine and a massive screen on the opposite wall for projecting sports images.


  1. I see tennis scores on the screen. Curios. So how are you COPEing. Are you going to stand as ward cllr for Richmond Hill come 2011?

  2. No, I have no political aspirations, and our current Ward Councillor, Jeremy Davis, is doing an incredible job.... I promised him I would never vote against him, and I'll stick to that. I'm just helping get the structures in place for the current election because i think our National and Provincial votes are so vital this time.

  3. I have only just seen the post I am glad you like our building.

    I would love to know the history and if anyone has any old photos.

    Prior to us it was Club Silk and prior to that it was The Red Lantern Chinese Restaurant does anyone know when and why it stopped being a Church ?

    Please come and take another look we are renovating further in time for the re opening of the street party planned for 30 April to 3rd May