Sunday, February 15, 2009


Finally, your trip along Marine Drive gets you to the charming little village of Schoenmakerskop. (We featured the sun rising over the sea there last week. )

And, if you are lucky, you can enjoy a lazy brunch at the Sacramento restaurant, overlooking the beautiful coastline, and, in the right season, watching whales playing around nearby.


  1. I worked at Sacramento on Sundays for 5 years. Met the Damselfly there. Good memories although we worked our backsides off.

  2. How lovely - I can almost smell the ozone in that misty air over the breakers... and I can almost taste the peanut butter milkshakes!

  3. I can clearly remember the years spent as a child at Schoenies, from about 1943 till 1952 when I went to university at Wits. My parents were very involved with the local community and lived there till 2002 when my mother moved to retirement in East London.