Saturday, March 14, 2009

500th Post......

Well this is it... time to say goodbye, (see yesterday's post if this takes you by surprise!) and thank you all for you loyal visits and the friendships we have made. Firefly, thanks again for adopting our baby! May it give you lots of joy, and not too many nappies to change!

We also want to thank the helpful community at City Daily Photo Blog who do a huge amount of work, and a great job administering the group.

We thought we'd go out with a selection of some favourite photos that have featured here, in no particular order... ones that really capture why PE is such a special place to live, and why it has been a joy sharing it with the world.

And we'll go out with a BANG! Cheers!


  1. An absolutely awesome selection of shots to go out with. You have never disappointed in your selection of topics, subjects or angles.
    A tall order to try and follow and big boots to fill.
    And thus I take the batten. I salute you.

  2. Awesome times.

    Sorry to see you go but we know that Firefly will do an excellent job.

    Thank You for all the excellent work and dedication to the Friendly City.

  3. Oh wow - what a retrospective. You've made me homesick and grateful for the 33 years I lived in PE on a regular basis. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication over 500 posts and I look forward to what Firefly will be surprising us with!

  4. Wonderful photos! I like especially great captures of the sunsets!

  5. Thank you for sharing. Through your lens, I have been able to experience places I will probably never get to see in person.

  6. Heartfelt thanks for the pictures of PE. I spent my boyhood there before moving away to New Zealand with my parents in the early ‘60s. I particularly appreciate you pictures of the Richmond Hill area, since my grandmother lived in Callington St (on the corner of St Phillips St) and I remember it well. I used to walk there via Dickens St. and Burgess St and hope one day to see pictures of these streets in some future posting or perhaps on MyPE gallery.

    Richmond Hill has mellowed very well over time, and looks well cared for - a lovely suburb. I particularly recall my beginnings of schooling at Erica school, and I am very grateful for the wonderful pictures you have provided. Pity they want to ruin the site. But I digress. I went there even though I am a non-girl. At playtime the boys (aged 5 and 6) were separated from the girls and played in Richmond Park under the pines. In those days, there was a ring road right around the park. I think this was for our protection, to keep the girls away. As a result of my experience there I was scared of girls till I was nearly 15.

    I also lived in Cora Terrace for a short while, in the largest 3-storey house, which I believe was originally built for the commanding officer of the garrison of Fort Frederick. The house with its walls a yard thick was probably designed by the same architect who did the fort.

    St Georges Park still looks as lovely as I remember it.

    I am impressed with the developments in PE, particularly around the Summerstrand to Kings Beach area. I hope one day to visit.

    Thanks again, and very best wishes to you both.

  7. Thanks everyone. Alan, special thanks to you for all the work you do via MyPE and how much help you have given us.

    Old scribe, how wonderful to hear from you, it is interesting to hear about your time at old erica!

  8. Hi Sam,
    Thank you both very much for all the wonderfull pics and comments!! It realy made me feel at home. I'm pretty sure Firefly will keep that feeling alive.
    Thanks again and all the best.
    Henny Bongers
    Duiven, The Netherlands.

  9. To Sue and Max:
    The ides of March indeed beware -
    SAM's left us! It's just not fair!
    But let me wish them all the best,
    Have fun, go frolic, enjoy your rest!
    We all know for sure
    when you've finished your tour
    it'll be but a while
    till you come back in style
    with a project all new
    and again we'll all queue
    to applaud and admire
    the dam and her sire!