Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Valley

Who living in Port Elizabeth can say that they have never been to Happy Valley? Probably not many. Some people (like myself) went there as kids and now take their kids. I love going to Happy Valley. It is a wonderland of colourful lights and kids story and rhyme characters. Happy Valley is situated on the beachfront just off Humewood Beach. It truly is a Port Elizabeth institution. For more on Happy Valley, go here.


  1. I have not been back in many years, but used to go there quite a bit as a kid. I should maybe make a trip one day.

  2. The name alone made me smile! Love it!

  3. Happy Valley ... it´s been so long ... a went there as a kid but I still remmebe it.
    A lived in Port Elizabeth until 1979 and then came to Portugal and I´ve never returned but Happy Valley is an image and a place that I will never forget.

    Suzana (

  4. I have memories of getting very happy at Uncle Jumbo's one year - many, many years ago.