Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nanaga (pronounced none - ugh -ah)

Please excuse the hiatus, we have been in East London for a few days visiting family, and both forgot our cables to go online with our cellphones.
About 50 km out of PE, on the freeway running eastwards along the coast, you reach a famous intersection, and here you decide whether to take the road North through Cradock, NE through Grahamstown, Or East along the coastal road to Port Alfred and East London. A popular landmark for the last 30 years has been the small farmstall which specialises in wonderful home made jams, baked goods and traditional South African cuisine. The stall suffered a fire and has been ressurected nearby in a stunning large building around a courtyard. Well worth a visit!


  1. I wonder what "traditional South African cuisine" is like?

    Is it like Australian (a fusion of a lot of different things)? Or more African-influenced?

  2. I was going to say - man, Nanaga has had a facelift!! It's a great little stall - I really must pop in next time I visit. Is that huge aloe still standing outside?

    Kris - traditional South African cuisine is a real pot-pourri of cuisines. Part Dutch, part English, heavily influenced by Malay slaves and their spices, part Indian (from indentured workers brought to the sugar plantations) and part African (samp & beans, wild spinach etc etc). Truly a rainbow cuisine!