Friday, March 20, 2009

Canon Hill

The view from Canon Hill overlooking the town of Uitenhage. Uitenhage is about 35 km from Port Elizabeth and along with Port Elizabeth, Despatch, Colchester and the surrounding areas it forms Nelson Mandela Bay.


  1. Hello Firefly. I returned to uitenhage during a visit to SA in August. I went to the lovely old Cape House my family rented in 1966. What a shock to see it now, it has been turned into a vibrantly coloured video store. It should have had a conservation order on it. Instead it has been ruined. Oh well thats progress for you. I would love to see some photos of it to show my mother and the street (Calendon Street) not sure of the spelling, it is the main street leading into the town.(next time you're passing that way of course, Please.) would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks for carrying on the blog, I'd be lost without it.
    Kind regards to you and Sue and Max

  2. Hi Firefly, there are so many good photo opportunities in Uitenhage.I did not know about Canon Hill though - will have to go there some time. I drive through to Uitenhage every but spend my time in the industrial area.

    Richie if you can give me the number of the old house, I could get a photo and pass it on to Firefly.

  3. That is a fantastic picture! Great composition. Easy to see why it's called Canon Hill.