Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cannon Rocks

Over this last December summer holidays we camped for a week in the town of Cannon Rocks on the Sunshine Coast. It has endless beaches and doesn't get over crowded like the other coastal destinations in summer. I also had an absolute ball with my camera with sunsets over the sea and specially the shipwreck of a fishing boat. For more pics of Cannon Rocks see here. This coming December we will be back there for a week.


  1. What an amazing shot. It begs to tell it's story. I thing the 'gulls know.

  2. of course, now that you have told everyone how peaceful and quiet it is there, everyone will go...

  3. FANTASTIC beach photo! Wow loaded with a shipwreck, fisherman and cute birds! Kind regards from the "birthday boy" at EAGAN daily photo