Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The town of Grahamstown, 120km east of Port Elizabeth, is situated in the middle of the Frontier Country. The area was the site of 9 frontier wars between the settlers and the Xhosa people over a period of a hundred years from the late 1700's. The town saw a lot of development from 1820 onwards after the arrival of the British Settlers and still have a very English feel to it. Grahamstown is referred to as the City of Saints as it has more than 50 different churches. It also hosts the annual National Arts Festival early in July, an arts festival only second to the Edinburgh Festival. Grahamstown is also home to Rhodes University and several of South Africa's top private schools.
Grahamstown has a big number of historical buildings which is easily explored on foot, while there are also many natural sites in and around the town to visit. The above picture features the historic Anglican Cathedral of St Michael and St George on the left, the Angel Statue (Boer War Memorial) in the middle and the City Hall Memorial Tower on the right.


  1. What a bright blue sky!

    Grahamstown is quaint, love the angel statue.

  2. Boy, was my guess wrong! I thought the church was the one on the left and the town hall the one on the right.

    That's a lovely town center and I would never have thought that this was a big arts festival and university town!

  3. Ah, the G-Spot! Spent many happy weekends there visiting friends at Rhodes, attending the Arts Festival or partying at UPE/Rhodes intervarsity. Good times, good times. Lovely shot!

  4. OMG!! I miss G-town!!