Friday, June 12, 2009

Port Alfred

The town of Port Alfred is situated halfway (150km) between Port Elizabeth and East London in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. One of the town's most distinctive features is a beautiful marina with a number of luxurious houses facing onto the canals. Associated with the marina is a small boat harbour, providing mooring for a variety of vessels from luxury yachts and other pleasure craft, to sporting and commercial deep-sea fishing vessels. It is growing rapidly due to a high number of retirees and holiday makers building houses there. It is the kind of town which pulls the summer holiday makers to its beaches and river like a magnet. Port Alfred is also home to 43 Air School which was a training base for the Royal Air Force during the World War II.

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  1. Another beautiful city in your area! Great shot! I want to visit someday! Regards from EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota, USA