Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tsitsikamma National Park

The Tsitsikamma National Park is definitively one of my absolute favorite places on the Garden Route. It is a awesome park with such contrast and natural beauty, its hard to find anything better anywhere else. Forests, towering cliffs, black rock coastline, white waves, blue ocean, streams, beaches... I can go on and on.
The park is a very popular stop for tourists travelling the Garden Route. I have done several posts on it on my other blog. These can be found here.


  1. Cool bridge! I want to cross it!
    If this is just a sample of what that park offers, then it's definitely awesome!

  2. Glad to see the bridge is open again. When we visited last August it had been damaged and was closed off to the public. What a fantastic place. We stayed there for a night, our lodge was overlooking the ocean, you could see whales from the front window, and the southern sky at night was an awesome sight. Superb place and a must for any visitor to SA.