Friday, June 26, 2009

Tsitsikamma Forest

The Tsitsikamma (Khoisan word meaning "Place of many waters") is the official start of the Garden Route. The Garden Route is one of South Africa's most popular tourist routes and follow the south coast from the Tsitsikamma to Mossel Bay. For travel and tourist purposes a Garden Route tour will take you from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town or the other way around..
The Tsitsikamma forest is a indigenous forest which are highly protected by law. It consist of indigenous trees like the Outeniqua and Real Yellowwoods and other hard wood trees. Some of the Yellowwoods in the forest is over 800 years old. One of these is The Big Tree which can be reached by following a boardwalk path through the forest.
I love forests and and for me the Tsitsikamma forest is a magical place, both literally and figuratively. Walking through it you can feel the old magic of the forest and it always feels like a mythical creature can appear from behind the next tree. Maybe its just me. As long as I have my camera on hand when it does happen.


  1. Beautiful photos and very interesting blog! I really like it!
    Greetings from Poland!

  2. I remember stopping by the side of the N2 as a kid and going to see the Big Tree. No boardwalks then, just a well-trodden path through the trees until you got to the tree and took the obligatory photo of somebody trying to hug the trunk :)