Thursday, October 29, 2009

St Georges Park sunset

Sunset behind the Duckpond Pavilion at St Georges Park, South Africa's oldest test cricket stadium.
St Georges Park is the grounds of the second oldest cricket club in South Africa, the venue for the first Test, the first women's international Test, the last Test before South Africa's expulsion from world cricket, the first ever Test series win against Australia, the first Rebel Test, the first Test with the resumption of 'normal' cricket. . . and the sixth oldest cricket ground in the world. Not bad for a stadium that started out in 1859 on an open tract of veld alongside a cemetery on a hill outside the harbour town of Port Elizabeth. Today, of course, the world-class 18 500-seater stadium, set within the grounds of the beautiful St George's Park, is slap, bang in the middle of the city whose love of the game began with the arrival of the 1820 British settlers. To read up more on the stadium's facinating history, visit St Georges Park's History.
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  1. The sunset in St Georges is gorgeous! And those stadium lights ad a twist to the capture.

  2. Wow..must have been some very bright sunset to show up that good with those big lights on...great capture.


  3. What a pretty sky, the colors are wonderful.

  4. The african skies are very very interesting.great shot, dear

  5. I was bowled over by that shot firefly. Really great sunset.