Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sundays River

The Sundays River is the Eastern boundary of the Nelson Mandela Bay metropolitan area and situated right next to the Addo Elephant national Park's southern boundary. The Khoisan people originally named this river Nukakamma (Grassy Water) because the river's banks are always green and grassy despite the arid terrain that it runs through.

The source of the 250 kilometre long Sundays River is in the Compassberg Mountains near Nieu-Bethesda. The river then flows in a general south-south-easterly direction, passing the town Graaff-Reinet in the Karoo before winding its way through the Zuurberg Mountains and then past Kirkwood and Addo in the fertile Sundays River Valley. It empties into the Indian Ocean at Algoa Bay after running through the village of Colchester, 40km east of the city of Port Elizabeth.


  1. Wonderful view there FF. Is that a cow on the riverbank? Permission to use this pic as my desktop wallpaper please.

  2. Too big to be a cow? - and a pretty big sand dune, too! Thanks for the geography lesson, I think I will look at the google map too.


  3. That is a Colchester Buffalo, but you may know it as a cow. LOL.

    SA Fan, you are welcome to.

  4. I live near Colchester but I have never seen a Bufallo here.Plenty of cows though.Bet you couldnt get a close up.LoL.
    Will assign this to my desktop immediately.Cheers.

  5. SA Fan: You misread. I said better know as a cow. They were joking about it on the ferry and called the cows on the river bank Colchester Buffalo.
    Let me know if the quality of the photo isn't good enough and i will e-mail you a bigger one.

  6. No the quality is fine. That sure is a big cow tho.
    Perhaps one day you could get a shot of the tick birds on the cattle. They always impressed me when I lived in SA.