Thursday, March 1, 2012

Diving lessons

I'm a qualified scuba diver but I haven't "blown bubbles" as they say for probably 10 years.  So I was very excited when Ocean Divers International (ODI) invited a couple of us from the office for an educational.  Two of us had dived before while the other four were all virgin divers.  It was such an amazing experience getting back in the pool with the full kit on again and brushing up on the skills.  The next day we headed out to sea and unfortunately the conditions weren't ideal (I can tell you about the baritone Louw brothers but I will spare them - and them - that), but it was exhilarating to be under water again.  We really are fortunate here in Port Elizabeth.  Our coastline both inside Algoa Bay as well as on the Wildside has the most beautiful reefs, colourful soft coral and is teeming with life with everything from small fish to ragged tooth sharks. 


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  2. Tried it and didn't particularly like it. No gills in this lifetime. Snorkeling was OK.