Monday, January 12, 2015

Langenhoven Drive from the Bridge

While the Damselfly was in hospital a couple of weeks ago, I went for a walk through Greenacres and The Bridge while waiting for visiting hours.  I don't get to go to Greenacres that often as Walmer Park is much closer and more convenient for me so its been a while since my last visit.  Standing on The Bridge I snapped a photo of Langenhoven Drive with my phone and only when, looking at it afterwards did I notice how quiet it was.  Barely a car in sight.  Hard to believe it was a Friday afternoon. 


  1. Oh I know that street well. Our friends live in Greenacres Village and we visit them when we pass through PE. I wish your wife well.

  2. for your Damselfly
    From Deena Metzger - what grows in me now is vital and does me no harm.