Saturday, January 31, 2015

What's Drama Princess doing up a ladder?

Have you ever driven down the road and saw a random person on a ladder against a street light pole? Or up a random tree for that matter? It does look suspicions but at the same time it doesn't quite look like they are up to no good or doing anything wrong.  You are probably right.  But what could they be up to.  Well, in most cases, they are probably Geocaching, specially if they are trying to look as nonchalant and inconspicuous as possible when you look at them.  In this case Drama Princess was three meters up a street light pole somewhere in Walmer to retrieve a log sheet for the rest of us to sign.  So next time if you see such a person and they don't look like they are quite up to no good, give them a wink and "I know what you are up to" look.  They will visibly relax when they realise you're a muggle in the know.   

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