Saturday, February 7, 2015

Caching at Lauries Bay

Sport can be divided into team sport and individual sport.  When it comes to Geocaching it can be a bit of everything depending on your mood or situation.  You can go caching on your own, with friends or with family.  I actually enjoy every one of these and for different reasons.  I find caching on my own is a great way to have "me" time while caching with friends can be lots of fun.  As both Chaos Boy and especially Drama Princess enjoy Geocaching and even have their own profiles, I find its a fantastic way to spend family time together either as the whole family or with them individually.  An opportunity to visit Lauries Bay near Kini Bay meant that we could go and search for a cache placed along the coast near there and for a change the whole family pitched in to find it again, even the Damselfly tagged along and helped with the search.

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  1. Any time you can have fun with the family is good time.