Monday, February 9, 2015

The Baakens River Mouth

I think everybody (well I hope everybody) in Port Elizabeth knows the Baakens River.  What most people probably doesn't know is that the Baakens River has its origins just to the west of the city and is only about 23 km long.  The Baakens River is surrounded by approximately 500 hectares of public open space which includes Settlers Park and the area between the 3rd Avenue Dip and Target Kloof.  One of the things that make the Baakens Valley so unique that it is situation in a major urban environment and contains many examples of indigenous vegetation.  The fresh water lagoon that used to be situated at the river mouth was where passing ships got their drinking water from with a beacon pointing out the spot where the water was fresh and not contaminated by the salt sea water anymore.  This is also where the river got it's name from.  Unfortunately as this was where ships anchored back then and where the first jetty was built, the area was later developed into a harbor which means that the Baakens River doesn't have a beautiful river mouth into the ocean, but rather consist of a channel that enters the harbor.  It may not be beautiful but it still is very unique.

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  1. I greew up in a house on the Baakens Valley and saw that river every day but I never knew it was only 23km long!