Saturday, February 14, 2015

Caching up a tree...again

Geocachers seem to find themselves up trees quite often.  Just looking back at the last year I've been a good 8 meters up a huge old Pine Tree, out on a limb of a Coral Tree in near gale force winds and crawling along branches in Wild Fig Trees.  Heck, Wild Fig and Coral Trees are very popular cache locations and a little while ago I received a PAF (that's when one cacher Phones a Friend who has already found a specific cache they are looking for) to help out with a tricky GeorgeC12 hide in a Wild Fig.  Sanhain struggled a bit to find a cache in a certain "Coolabah Tree" and luckily for him I was in the area with the KidZ.  Even though I had found it only a week or so before it still took me a little bit to spot it again.

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