Friday, February 27, 2015

Nothing's more fun than a Sho't Left from PE

When most South Africans use the term Sho't Left it is on a taxi and means that they are going a short distance and jump off just around the corner.  South African Tourism has adopted the term for its domestic campaign to encourage locals to go on short inexpensive getaways to explore South Africa.  This means that in tourism terms a Sho't Left is a weekend break only a couple of hours away from home.  SAT released a series of Sho't Left campaign videos a year or so ago and I absolutely love the tune they use for it.  It is really catchy and has become part of what Sho't Left is for me.  As one who like to explore with the family, I try to get us to go away on a Sho't Left as often as possible doesn't matter if its for a day, weekend or a little more.  Watch this video and use it as encouragement to break away on a Sho't Left from PE... or Jozi or Cape Town or Durbs or where ever you are in the world.

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