Monday, January 21, 2008

Red Cross

The International Red Cross has an office in Port Elizabeth. As with many businesses around the inner city, the premises have their share of protection against crime. I thought they made quite a statement, as they appear next to this sculpture in their front courtyard, showing the work of the Red Cross in helping the sick and injured. Sort of a graphic depiction of good versus evil and all that!
P.S. bc of chicago dp has given us a "you make my day" award... thanks bc, you made our day! Not being too into tagging, we'll simply pass on the happy vibes to all who visit here, and who we visit, you make our day too!


  1. Hi

    How is this for even more coincedences, I own the building next door to this one.


  2. I really like that sculpture. Barb wire, I know it's there for a good reason, but what an awful thing it is.

    BTW, you wrote "perhaps i would see them differently if surrounded with snow and monotones for months on end" about the outdoor winter decorations in my neighborhood. Probably that's why people do it. Winter lasts forever up here... But I find them (the decorations) rather gaudy. The one you saw in the top photo was done by a "professional" or so I heard. Gah.

    Here in the North East people tend to decorate the outside of their homes a bit too much and the decor changes with the seasons/holidays, especially in the suburbs - soon we'll be seeing hearts all over, followed by shamrocks, pastel egg baskets, floral wreaths, etc. Sigh.

  3. Ordinarylife, NO WAY?!! that's amazing! We own the bright red one just round the corner opposite the oval! We'll have to do coffee at Vovo Telo one of these days! oooh that reminds me, that will be a cool one to feature on this blog....

    Fenix. hehe, it must be the wee small hours there, do you EVER sleep??? Oh I shudder at the thought of bunnies and pastel eggs, can't wait to see them!!! (Must have masochistic leanings)

  4. I unfortunately don't live there, I rent the house out.

    The area is amazing though, and you must get loads of inspiration from it. I took my husband on a drive through Richmond Hill on Sunday. He had never been before. I don't think he gets it though. He likes large open spaces and gardens. I however LOVE that area and the houses and history.

  5. What a gorgeous statue!! And the soft yellow light from the top just makes this photo work!

  6. The colours are beautiful. Agree with Jenty about the soft yellow light.

  7. Hello there Sam.. thank you for your visit and taking time to comment... I will call back here as soon as time allows and have a look around proper. One or two of the pictures here caught my eye.

  8. Hey Tom, it's us, Max-e and Suzi-k, we just sign in as sam (sue and max) because we share this one! When i (sue) visited you the other day, i was still signed in as sam. We also have st Francis Daily photo which you might enjoy!

  9. Amazing...
    I put this picture with a reference to your blog at the right column of mine. Hope it's ok...

    Have a nice weekend!