Saturday, June 14, 2008

Come fly with me...

Port Elizabeth airport is not the biggest on the planet, and although it has had a few upgrades over the years, it is still basically a small town airport. The runway is not long enough for the jumbo jets and the new airbusses, so traffic is automatically limited to smaller volumes on each flight. Although there has been talk for many years about lengthening the runway, nothing has materialised yet. But it suits us. If I had to choose between the parochial airport here, with parking space within easy distance from the building, or the insanity of O.R. Thambo in Johannesburg, with its never ending upgrades and mind-boggling queues and parking issues, I'd go with this any day!
On the left, you can see the South African flag, and on the right the radar tower.


  1. I agree with your analysis of airports. I hate them period. It is like a period period. Who really wants one and who is not glad when them are done, finished over. We have our Dayton, Ohio airport. Renovated, it is Dayton International Airport. Same place more empty places for airplanes to establish a business but instead they keep leaving. And with the rise in price of gasoline, there was a slew of smaller airlines that flew from here to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Indianapolis, carrying half a dozen businesspeople, that moved. Closed their doors. Left.

    I just enlarged the picture to see VW and Toyota and the other two look familiar but I am not up to date on looks and cars. I used to be but no more.

    They change them too.

  2. PE Airport is huge compared to some of the airports here in NZ! I used to drive past PE airport every day on my way to uni.

  3. Abe, the silver car on the far left is a Mercedes convertible, and the 4x4 next to it is a Nissan (japanese car).