Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shark Rock Pier

Shark Rock Pier has featured in many of our posts, but it has many moods, so we never tire of photographing it. This shot was taken as the sun was making her presence felt and you can see her rays catching the top of the waves, from under the pier.


  1. Richie, if you like, send me your e-mail to sueatelgecko.co.za and I'll e-mail you a higher resolution uncompressed version of "on a clear day" for you to make a large print.

  2. Shark Rock Pier is truely multiphotographable. Some many possible angles. Ideal for sunrise, great lighting for night shots, lovely backdrop for beach photos, up close or from afar. And so I can go on.

  3. Hi people,

    I'm very sorry for this but I guess I have to do it. We are having a serious discussion regarding PE and its's ability to host tourists during the current time and 2010. Could you please comment on this


    Even if you comment on this blog cause I would really like to get more info regarding your city.

  4. Piers do make great places for photos although this concrete pier looks rather austere from a British perspective.

  5. Anonymous, I read the debate on PE and was wondering how to answer you so here goes.
    Firstly, we have asked someone in tourism to answer your query more fully.

    From our point of view:
    1. PE is a great place live and has much to offer. The question is, what are tourists looking for?
    2. Admittedly PE is not like Jo'burg, Durban or Cape Town, which is why we like it here. If it was it would not be PE.
    3. The World Cup Soccer is a flash in the pan. A few games and it is over. I am sure that fans will find plenty to do over the month. If any entrepreneurs want to capitalise on this event there is nothing to stop them. The question is how sustainable will the venture be.
    4. We have had a lot of overseas people visit us and when they leave, they cannot stop raving about the place.

    Anyone who comes here with a negative attitude will in all likelihood be disappointed, but on the other hand they may be pleasantly surprised.

    Perhaps some enterprising person may come up with a "What to do in PE over the Soccer World Cup" site. Though there are plenty of sites already.

    Go to the MyPE site and check out A Reason a Day to visit Port Elizabeth - http://www.mype.co.za/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewforum&f=50

  6. I love the reach of this photo. It takes the eye right off into eternity.

  7. Great, You have mail Sue

  8. I have been on that pier before and thanks fo for the wonderful photo.

    @ Anonymous, that is also my conern regarding PE because even though, as Sam says, the 2010 SWC is a one month even, it will still benefit the city for future as the aim of the SWC is to showcase the country so that visitors can come back. Well again my PE knowledge is limited and so my comment might be based on the small part of PE that I saw and I hope that strives are being taken by the business and the city to make sure that they impress guests during the SWC.

    I agree with Sam that if you come with a negative attitude, you will certainly be bored.

    I wish the best for PE as I believe its one of the beautiful cities in SA.

  9. Another stunning shot of the photogenic pier! I definitely have to go on a little photo expedition wen I visit later this year...