Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sulfurous skies....

The sky on Monday really fitted that cliche, there was a storm brewing, lots of noise and razzle dazzle, but very little in the way of decent precipitation. But it created that amazing yellow glow you sometimes see, and everything took on an orange tinge. This photo was taken from Benno Road in Charlo, by Sally Gush. (She is sadly leaving our shores soon, and will be greatly missed, as an aquarobics instructor, she is going to be a hard act to follow for those who have been tasked to replace her in knocking a bunch of ricketty old fogies into shape!)


  1. Hey! I live in Benno Road in Charlo. This looks like the bottom section, while we live in the short top section. How amazing.

    I was at a teachers-parents meeting at school and admired the sky through the window thinking how I am missing out on a great photograph. Now I see what I missed out on. Lovely

  2. My dad told me on the phone about all the sound & fury and no rain :) Light looks amazing though!