Sunday, January 4, 2009

sunrise? what sunrise?

This is especially for those of you in chilly Northern Climes who have been accusing us of rubbing salt in the wound with all our sunny beach pix! Taken at 5am yesterday. When we do the last shift of neighbourhood watch patrol, we like to end it by checking out the sunrise, so we went to one of our favourite viewpoints, the Donkin Reserve. However, as you can see, there was very little chance that the sun was going to appear, and we were forced to stay in the car for the sake of our cameras, so this is as good as it got.... picturesque in its own abstract way, but it ain't no sunrise!


  1. Hi, This cheered me up, it is freezing here in Wales and mum in PE says it is so hot that they are melting. I left in 1972 to visit Europe and forgot to come back.
    I have some 60's and 60's photos if you want a few. Brenda and I went to the same school and she brought your site to my attention, when you showed photos of it burned out last year. I love to look in and see what is happening in the old town. Congratulations on trying to take the area back. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks Chris

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for the comments and your kind words. We would love to have your photos as you can see we sometimes do the now and then thing. You can get our e-mail address from Brenda.

  3. Mmm... delicious wet weather :) It does look warm rather than cold, though.

  4. Hah - sunrise at 5? Try sunrise at 8 - followed by sunset at 15h30! ;-)

    Great pic...