Sunday, February 8, 2009

Then and Now- the Willows

We received this old photo of the Willows Resort, taken in 1959, from our friend Gaston. .. and here it is now, not so different, if you look at hese old chalets.....

.... but there are also new chalets and a conference hall, seen here at sunrise,

and as a bonus, as we stopped a bit further to photograph some of the new chalets through the fence, we had the delightful experience of watching a family of mongooses (mom, dad and 2 babies) frollicking on the lawn. Not the greatest shot, but here they are!

thanks Gaston!


  1. in the 60's we didnt need fences around the bungalows in Willows!!!

  2. Can't believe it still looks like that. It did get a much needed upgrade a couple of years back.

  3. Crazy to think that those rondavels that I remember as a student 20 years ago are still there! I also rememebr going to write my postgrad UNISA exams there in the hall in the late 1990s - the drive to get there always relaxed me!