Monday, August 17, 2009

Harbour scene

One of the comments on my previous post, Chokka Boats at sunrise, came from Barry. He's comment was as follow:
"Thank's for the photos of the surrounding areas- great for the tourists. But in addition to the postcard shots, how about some "real" shots of the city itself? Surely the industrial areas, suburbs and city centre are what a city is all about?"
So in response to this, I want to make a statement and then a promise.
Statement: I work in the tourism industry and I'm a travel and nature photographer so postcard shots is what catches my eye. Because of my link to the tourism industry I want to show people the scenic bits of town and to me there is nothing less real about these places than the industrial, suburban or city centre areas.
Promise: But Barry makes a valid point as well. I promise that I'll try my best to capture a bit more of Port Elizabeth than the scenic areas as soon as I get an opportunity to get out of the office.

A scene from the Port Elizabeth Harbor. The orange shed on the left is the Fresh Produce Terminal from where the oranges from the Gamtoos Valley and Sundays River Valley are exported from. I'm not sure if the big ship is a cold storage ship or not. The small red boat is a coastal patrol vessel of Marine Coastal Management.


  1. It is highly likely that it is a fresh produce ship judging by the superstructure.

    These ships are run by a tiny crew and it is such a pleasure to go onboard and meet them - most are from the east and the ships are scrupulously clean.

    The Coastal Management vessel is named Lillian Ngoyi who was one of the women in the front row during the Women's Protest march in 1956 against apartheid. We now celebrate Women's Day on 9 August every year in memory of these women.

  2. I love the colours in this shot - so vivid.

  3. Hi there,

    It is not a fresh produce ship. Black ships with red hulls are always oil tankers or fuel carriers of some sort.

    Jacki, ex-PE, now UK