Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sticking to yesterday's harbour theme. The left hand boat (the yellow one for those who don't know their left from their right) is the harbour pilot boat while the right hand one is one of the Port Elizabeth Harbour's tugs. The pilot boat takes the harbour pilot out to the big ships. The pilot then steers the ship into the harbour and not the ship's actual captain. The tugs are the boats that push and pull the big ships into place along the quay side.


  1. did you know that if you ask nicely, they let you go on the tugs when they collect the ships, it is AWESOME!!!

  2. Tugga, tugga toot toot! Fun harbor shot of the tugs!

  3. The Tugs are incredible in that they are basically just a huge floating engine.

    I have had the privilege (?) of sailing astern of tugs that were pushing ships into the quay side. The wash from the tugs, even from two to three hundred metres away is enough to push the yacht away.

    For me the tugs are the bull terriers of the harbour.

  4. How did you possibly get permission to photograph in the harbour?

  5. sssssh - if we tell you you have to join our cult.