Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Port Elizabeth Harbour

The Port Elizabeth harbour was built in 1935 and is used for the export of fruit, mohair, cars and manganese ore. It also has a very active container terminal as well as fishing fleet.
The entrance channel to the harbour is maintained at a depth of 14.5m and has a generous width of 310m. The draught of vessels allowed into the harbour range from 9.6m to 12.1m. A lot of the current activities taking place at the PE Harbour will in future be taken over by the new deep water port of Ngqura being developed in Algoa Bay.
For more information on the Port Elizabeth Harbour, go here.


  1. How did you get into the harbour?? I wanted to go n there once but they wouldnt let me in!! Nice pic!!

  2. I took it last year during Splash when it was on the harbour. Your best chance is going to the yacht club or Oyster Catcher (hide your camera when at the gate) and take pics from there