Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ramaphosa Village

Ramaphosa Village is one of the informal settlements (squatter camps) here in Port Elizabeth. It is situated close to the industrial area of Struandale. You often find informal settlements like this close to industrial areas as that is where the men will most likely find work. The houses consist mainly of wood and corrugated iron. I used to pass through the townships on a regular basis on township tours when I still guided, but at that stage I never really had a lot of opportunity to take much photos around the township. I hope to go on a township tour with one of my guide friends somewhere in the near future and then I will do a whole series on township life here and on The Firefly Photo Files.


  1. I am fascinated about Port Elizabeth, thanks to your blog. I am planning a trip to South Africa in March of 2010 (I bought a trip at a charity auction). Do you have any links to guides for Port Elizabeth (to include a visit to the lion cub location and the elephant park), as it looks like you are no longer leading tours (or am I amiss with that)?


  2. Hi Ellen
    Contact me on and I will put you in contact with a couple of reputable guides who would be able to offer you these tours