Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blue Wildebeest

A couple of Blue Wildebeest (also known as black tailed Gnu) at one of the game reserve just outside Port Elizabeth. People always say that wildebeest are the ugliest animals around and put together from all the left overs from when the animals were created. The horns of a buffalo, the mane of a lion, the body of a cow, the legs of an antelope, the tail of a horse and the nose of a ... lets not insult anybody.


  1. I think they are very majestic looking but do like your description. You image looks like a painting.

  2. That herd appears quite tame - first rule about nature or game viewing - make sure it is not your vehicle - horns can make nasty dents and scratches to a luxury vehicles paint.

  3. I think it is a toss up betwee the wildebees and the warthogs for the title of ugly