Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Forest Hill Heroes' Acre

I don't really need to say it as regular readers of specially my other blog will know, but I have a thing for cemeteries. Specially old ones. This is to such an extend that I have had a couple of people ask me to track down headstones of their ancestors for them. Anyway, Port Elizabeth has several cemeteries with military connections and/or sections. The Forest Hill Cemetery had a 'Heroes' Acre' laid out in 1980. This was in the Apartheid years and it was initially intended for whites who died in action in Namibia. This was obviously changed after democracy came to South Africa. The monument reads: "Those who rest here died in the service of the RSA. Their names liveth for evermore."


  1. Mmm .. must see if we've got family members from wayback in PE !! .. so you can go a'hunting for me too!
    I know hubby's ancestors landed in PE - French Hugeunot .. so will investigate further !

  2. Pretty cool pic. I headed down to my local graveyard as well today to kick it with the underground people. I have been into cemetery photography for as long as I have been into photography. I'll def bookmark ur site when I next log onto the net via my comp all the best from ct