Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wagon Jungle Gym

*mumble mumble* years ago when I was still in primary school, my mom used to have a stall at Art in the Park at St Georges Park every first Sunday of the month. I remember us playing all over the park, exploring the gardens, running down the paths and climbing on the jungle gyms. The ox wagon play structure has been there forever. When we went to Art in the Park the other day I was glad to see that it got a new coat of paint before the World Cup and brought back memories while the kids were climbing on it.

Footnote: For those who follow The Firefly Photo Files as well, this is where this pic was supposed to come. Its just that when I did the Random theme... Ox Wagons the other day I realised that it would also fit in very nicely there.


  1. I'm SO glad this is still there!! We played for hours and hours on that cool structure!