Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wildlife photographers

Port Elizabeth and its environs offer numerous wildlife photography opportunities for a wide variety of animals. The best place to photograph elephants in their natural environment around here must be the Addo Elephant National Park and I have many elephant photos from there. But nothing could prepare me for a visit a while ago to Addo Elephant Back Safaris situated in the Zuurberg mountains. Although the main activity there is riding elephants, my favorite part was walking with these gentle giants and getting the opportunity to photograph them really up close. In this pic I wanted to show how close we could get by taking a photograph of two of my fellow photographers doing their thing.


  1. really brave you both..but nice experience..great job.

  2. I love to photograph animals too and in my blog there are some of them.
    Great shot. Congratulations.



  3. OMG Jonker! So close to such a HUGE elephant. When they got within 15 feet of the car at Kruger I was shaking, while trying to take photos of course. This is Amazing!