Saturday, June 4, 2011

Badminton match

People always tend to notice the big kinds of sport like rugby, cricket, soccer, golf, athletics, and so I can go on.  For the last 15 years (well kinda on and off at times) I've played badminton.  Some people may play it for fun on the lawn with an over sized shuttle, but the real thing is another kettle of fish.  I played my first game of the season the other night and as always had my camera on hand so I decided to snap a photo of the match on the court next to ours.


  1. Believe it or not, I last played badminton in 1972. A group of us started a club in the old cinema building, in a little town called Selukwe, in a country that was once called Rhodesia. I always enjoyed the game, but sadly never went back to it.

  2. Where can I join a badmington club in Port Elizabeth?

    I am in Walmer.

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  3. Sorry, only stumbled upon your post today! If anyone is interested in playing please phone Ima :0826638472