Thursday, June 2, 2011

Huh? Where's the road?

Its been a while since we've been down to Sardinia Bay, so on Sunday I bundled the family in the car and off we went to Sards.  One of the reasons I wanted to go was to see how much of the road the sand dune has eaten up already and was I surprised.  Over the last couple of years the sand dune next to the access road to the bottom parking area has moved towards the road very quickly and there has been a lot of controversy surrounding it.  As it stands now the Sardinia Bay Surf Lifesaving Club has no access to their clubhouse and is housed in a container at the top gravel parking area.  There has been a lot of people calling on the municipality to clear the road and keep it clear while others say that the dune should be allowed to takes its natural cause.  Looking down from the top of the dune the road is (under the sand) between the bush and the dune.


  1. Amazing !!! The dunes are incredible - I've never seen such large ones as they are along your coastline!! Couldn't believe the ones we saw in Port Alfred!

  2. Who needs a road? Let the sand do its thing.

  3. Isn't PE famous for its dunes? A friend of mine hiked for days and days through the Alexandria dunes nearby.

  4. I believe the dune had the foliage removed from the top that was holding it in check and that the municipality purposfully neglected the road.

    Locals who had the means wanted to remove the sand, but where prevented from doing so buy officials.

    The municipality were taken to court wrt this and lost, being ordered to clear the road. They have not done so because they do not have the funds as small maintenance is a lot easier than the effort required to move the sand mass that now covers the road.

    They did however build a walkway around the back between top and bottom car parks. Which I find a small consolation for being able to drive there.

    Personally I want the road back/

  5. I had that experience too. I stopped going to Sard's because of that and the fact that cars were being broken into some years ago. Don't know what it is like now. Maybe it's time to go back.