Saturday, June 25, 2011

Marking off animals

At the Addo Elephant National Park all vehicles entering the park gets given a map that not just shows all the roads through the park, but also lists the names and pictures of all the animals you are likely to see.  They guy at the gate handed me three maps as we went through with the words, "One for the front and two for the back." You good man!!! Quite clearly he is conscious of the fact that kids love the maps.  Drama Princess and Chaos Boy sat with eyes peeled throughout the whole park and marked each animal every time we saw one.  So you can imagine some blocks were literally coloured in by the time that we were done.


  1. What a fun excursion! I'm glad that y'all got to see a ton of animals and have a great outing as a family with plenty of maps for everyone!

  2. I still have that map and also had fun marking the animals off as I saw them. Great fun.

  3. Great plan... did it keep them 'sweet' for the whole trip or were they going

    'are we there yet?'

    before the end of the trip? ;-)

  4. What a good idea. My boys used to LOVE doing that at the Kruger Park although we had to buy our map/checklists! Cute kids! Makes me all nostalgic for that time of our lives.Enjoy it - it goes by very fast!