Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who painted the moon black?

Yesterday (15 June 2011) was a bit of a cloudy day and I kept on looking skyward with the hope that the clouds would clear.  Why?  Because there was a total lunar eclipse last night and I wanted to get pictures of it.  As the sun set and the moon started to rise there were clouds to the north and the south, but nothing overhead.  And that is how it stayed from start to finish giving me the opportunity to see the whole eclipse happen.  The picture was taken just minutes before the last bit of sunlight was blocked off the moon by earth's shadow.  Visit The Firefly Photo Files to see the whole sequence of the moon disappearing.

This also acts as my contribution to Skywatch for this week.


  1. We didnt see anything last night...I did look.
    Glad you got to photography this amazing event.

  2. Could not watch the eclipse, so now I am looking for photos of it. Very nice one, thank you very much for posting!

    International call

  3. Thanks for the photo. We had full cloud here and not a sign of the moon anywhere!! Diane

  4. What an awesome photo! You're a photography superstar!

  5. great shot , we didn't see the eclipse at the beginning because of the clouds , but it was magical to see the moon when it appears again :)

  6. Great photo!
    Well done!

  7. Terrific capture of the eclipse! Thanks for sharing!! Enjoy your weekend!