Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kelly Vlei

A weekend or two ago we attended a birthday party at Mike's Kitchen on Buffelsfontein Road in Mount Pleasant.  I grew up in Mount Pleasant so the area holds many good memories and looking out the restaurant's windows I saw one (or what's left of it) of the many place that form part of those memories.  We used to sit next to Kelly's Vlei many afternoon's fishing with hand lines and trying to see who caught the most of the little fish in the dam. (We obviously threw them back as there were now way you could eat those little fish)  Unfortunately the whole vlei (dam) has been choked by reeds and there doesn't seem to be any plans to clear it at the moment.  Sadness...


  1. It's hard for me to return to places of youth because of their major changes. I think I'd almost rather just hold on to the memory images. Bet there wasn't a restaurant there when you fished.

  2. I agree Gaelyn. The memories tend to bring on sadness as the old places remind one of friends and family who have passed on.
    But at times you have to go back to relive the good times from the past.

  3. Well you still live in a pretty beautiful part of the world. And the climate is just perfect too! Apart from one day of wind, and a bit of rain the morning we left - we had glorious warm and sunny weather. Ok, so there are a few potholes and fat lazy politicians, but really - things are still upbeat and I would far rather live here than anywhere else on Earth except Cape Town.