Thursday, June 30, 2011

Marine Drive with many names

The section of road from the end of the Settlers Freeway, under the narrow gauge bridge up to the S-bend is called Humewood Road.  From there up to Hobie Beach its known as Beach Road while from 1st Avenue onwards all the way to Schoenmakerskop its called Marine Drive.  Confusing indeed.  Thus most people just refer to the whole thing as Marine Drive.  The picture was taken looking towards the S-bend from the top of the railway bridge at Humerail. 


  1. I am confused! But then that's easy... ;-) Looks like the road layout has changed in the last 10 odd years... diffrent tar colours and texture? Shows how memories can be altered with time! Thanks Firefly... you sure know how to bring back the memories! :-)

  2. I'd get very confused getting thru that.

  3. LOL - this is why I feel so at home in London - the roads here also don't keep the same name for more than a kilometre or so! Grat shot.