Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pink Winter (not Spring) flowers

Looking at the grassy areas around town one would hardly say that today is (officially) the first day of Winter.  After all the good rains we've been having lately there has been a lot of little pink, white and some yellow wild flowers blooming all over town.  I found this patch in a play park in Charlo and, unlike fellow photographer Luc Hosten, I didn't have mommies from the nearby school look at me funny for crawling around the flowers with a camera in hand and their kiddies mere meters away.  Why not? Well, firstly I took Drama Princess along as my alibi and secondly I was there on a Saturday.


  1. Nice that you're getting some rain. The flowers a stunning.

  2. Wow - pretty spectacular! They look like Oxalis but dont know which one it could be.

  3. Hey FF... look at it this way... your winters are warmer and more colourful than ours!! ;-)