Thursday, December 13, 2007

Brightening up a cloudy day

The marketing of Coca Cola never ceases to amaze me. They must truly be one of THE success stories worldwide. It has often amused us to be in some remote and backward little place in the middle of nowhere, and see Coke signs on the local store (often just a grass hut), in fact many years ago we used to make a point of photographing Coke signs in unlikey places.
I had breakfast at the beachfront yesterday. It was a cloudy grey day, but the trusty all-pervasive Coke merchandise was there to add colour!


  1. great shot, and the red and white does look cheery! I agree that coke is pervasive everywhere, sort of like a comfort brand when in an unfamiliar place...

    p.s. nice that you can be in the beach in December...

  2. But they've come a long way, haven't they? Those umbrellas are very attractive. You may have noticed that in most unlikely places the coke signs could be considered antiques! :)

    This evening I published my last 2007 post. I'm going away for a few weeks.

    Wishing you happy holidays and a promising 2008. See you again in mid Jan. :)

  3. I wish I had Coke's budget to market PE.

  4. Cheers Fenix, have a great holiday, will miss you!

  5. Really nice shot of color amidst drab weather.

  6. The bright red colour really warms up the whole cold picture!

    Like the shape of these umbrellas too!

  7. Those are such lovely bright umbrellas!!

  8. Nice photo! Sure, they know well how to do a good marketing!

  9. This is a lovely photo. Impressive umbrellas!

    (Did you recognize the pastor's name that used to live here in Canada?)

    What an amazing angle! The big church here in my city has had scaffolding up most of the summer and autumn trying to fix the mortar in the towers.

    Thanks for posting on my blog!


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