Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Places of Worship # 5

This is St Augustines Catholic Church, just off Market Square in the City Centre. It is built on a steep cliff face on the side of one of the streets leading up the Hill to Central.
The foundation stone was laid in 1861, and the steeple completed and the church consecrated in 1866. It became a Cathedral in 1939. In 1897 Frances Livingstone Johnston, a pyromaniac, attempted to set it alight, but fortunately failed. She succeeded in burning two down other churches (which we will show you in coming weeks) and was arrested and sent to Robben Island, where she also set light to the Government offices while the officials were attending an evening party.


  1. Whatever happened to the pyromaniac? She wasn't flogged, stoned or crucified was she? Around here those kinds of people would be skinned alive but the police get them first and protect them. I just don't know why people do things like that.

    This is an exceptional building with qualities that deserve lots of respect. The age if for no other reason.

  2. It's a beautiful building, and I'm happy that Frances did not accomplish her goal. Was she given any kind of treatment for her malady?? Pretty sick woman, I'd say. Come visit my blog today to see a bit of South Africa.

  3. So awesome!

    I wonder why they let Frances play with matches again!

  4. I am French and lived in PE between 58 and 61. The St Augustine Church is where my firts 2 sons were baptized. Nice to see it in such good shape.