Thursday, December 6, 2007

gone fishin'

Well, we thought, after the recent spate of buildings we've shown, it would be an idea to get some fresh air away from the city centre, anyone care for a beach outing? (It is SO hard to stick to one photo a day....sometimes it just seems right to add a few and show a place in its context! Today is one of those days.)

This is the Maitlands River Mouth, one of our favourite scenic and fishing spots on the outskirts of town.

It features an enormous sand dune, which is cool for sand-boarding. The main water supply pipeline from the Churchill Dam crosses the river at this point. The river mouth is often closed by sand bars, which creates a lagoon until the next storm opens the mouth and the river again drains out in the sea.

As we stand here looking at this view, we are facing West towards Capetown, with mile upon mile of pristine white beaches stretching out ahead. Behind us, to the east is a rocky coastline leading to the little coastal village of Schoenmakerskop. A hiking track leads there, known as the Sacramento trail.

On the day these were taken, there was a storm, and the gale force winds were whipping the sand off the dunes in streams of stinging grit......

But on a calm warm day, there must be few nicer places on the planet!


  1. It's easy to see why this place is one of your favorite scenic and fishing spots. I was going to ask you if the plants in the third and fourth photos were Rosa Rugosas (we have them here along the coast), but now I'm thinking that they may not grow in your climate.

    Your last photo is spectacular, btw.

  2. Superb light on the first and I adore the silhouette of this fisherman cheer

    I am soooo glad you opted for more that one photo :) Maybe you could call it dailyphoto(s) blog!

    This looks like such a lovely place....I would love to walk along that beach. And the last shot with the sunset and the fisherman....just stunning!

    Hope Max is feeling well and recovering nicely :)

  4. I am jealous... I would much rather be there than stuck here in the city! Wonderful shots, thanks for sharing!

  5. All are appealing photos. The last one would make an excellent fishing cover. I have always thought that SA has the most beautiful beaches in the world. Driving the Garden Route years ago impressed me forever!!

  6. I love being able to see your part of the world from my cold and snowy part of my world!

  7. That is so lovely, I especially love the shadows and the way it looks like there is nore than one sun :)
    The STB