Friday, June 13, 2008

34 deg South again

While we are on the subject of 34 degrees South, we might as well go and have a look around inside.... interesting industrial look ,well stocked pub, custom painted table cloths, great food and a huge stock of wines and other drinks, sushi and sashimi, deli goods, baked treats, imported luxury foods, ample outdoor seating for good weather, and wrap around glass walls and doors with a view across the lake, and live jazz on most weekends.... what a winner!


  1. Where is this 34*? We ate at one in Knysna during the Oyster Festival and it was wonderful!

  2. And don't forget the fabulous prawn special!


  3. This looks like a great place to go out to eat....just looking at how they display their liquor is very interesting! Does it move or does the bar tender have to walk around to get what he wants? Interesting....