Thursday, July 10, 2008

A corner of town...

I love this street corner in Parliament Street.... because it has so many interesting elements, like your classic corner store, or the very acute angled corner building in the background, and the view of the sea peeping over the horizon.

And if you stand and look down the street to the left, you get a stunning view across Russell Road to the graveyard, and the historic old NG Church in Richmond Hill...... a scene I painted recently.

I had a phonecall from an artist friend this morning, apparently her neighbour got an e-mail from a friend in UK who is a regular reader of this blog, and who was surprised to spot my friend in one of our recent photos, attending a pastel demonstration. Small world! Just goes to show, if you are out and about in PE, make sure you are having a good hair day and are not with anyone you shouldn't be with, because you never know when there are bloggers lurking with their cameras! hehe.

And finally, we went whale watching at Cape St Francis last weekend, and to the Grahamstown Art Festival last week, so if you are interested in seeing pictures of either, check out my latest posts.


  1. A stunning pastel....and what a many degrees away from anyone else in the world? apparently not many! I will make sure I am having a good hair day if I ever visit you!

  2. It is a beautiful painting. I actually know the exact spot quite well, and the painting is a very accurate and atmospheric representation of it!