Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A "No" and many "Refrains"

This sign at the Southern entrance to St George's Park has the usual restrictions that the bureaucrats feel are needed to, "maintain good order in the park". With all the restrictions the the sign writer has managed to use only one "no". The polite use of "refrain", makes it sound a bit friendlier and more welcoming.

Perhaps they should have added "please refrain from throwing eggs or other messy fluids on this sign!"

We were too late to register for the monthly theme, but there will be many City Daily Photo Blogs around the world showing their "no...." signs today, so pop in and visit, the more organised members of the community will be able to link you to those participating! You MUST visit Elise in Hungary, I want a sign like that for our park across the road!


  1. Scary sign. It doesn't leave one musch to do, but I do approve of the no litter in bold.

  2. Yes lots of instructions - but unlike the UK no threats of prosecution or imprisonment !

    Where is the CCTV ?

  3. Many no's here. Good choice for today. Be interesting if we had a Yes Theme. Wonder how many signs we'd find!

  4. Way to many words on that sign. No room left for the thrown liquid prohibition :)