Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In the pink

This yacht was out for a sail on Sunday morning, complete with pink spinnaker.


  1. We took our gasbraai on Sunday to the beach for a boerie roll braai. It was great watching the yachts and paddlers go by. The highlight was a big pod of dolphins going by. I wrote about it on one of my blogs.
    PS. This new application you can add to your blog to show blogs you read and when last they posted is very handy. Now I don't have to keep on checking out people's blogs to see if there is something new.

  2. Beautiful picture, Sue! I've never seen a pink spinnaker before!

  3. Gorgeous shot! This would make a great print.

  4. The yacht is known as a Pacer 27, as the spinnaker is flown from a pole protruding from the bow the spinnaker is technically known as an assymetric spinnaker. This is opposed to a 'normal' spinnaker that is flown from a pole that protrudes from the mast.

    The assymetric spinnaker boats are normally very fast off the wind - what they gain in speed they lose in angle as they do not perform as well with the wind directly behind them, which is where a 'normal' spinnaker does very well. A normal spinnaker pole can be pulled back to square the spinnaker off and increase the angle sailed.

    Firefly / Sam - the boat is owned by Caro's husband.

  5. It is a lovely, peaceful scene. I like the way you added both interest and balance by including the rocks in the foreground.